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AI Music Generation: Day 5 of 7 AI Holiday

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Today, we’re exploring the enchanting world of AI music generation with Suno, a remarkable txt to music generation platform. Suno empowers creatives to generate diverse music tracks effortlessly. Let’s create a musical Christmas e-card filled with soulful melodies!

Step 1: Go to Suno.ai

Immerse yourself in the creative possibilities on Suno. The platform immediately greets you with an array of user-generated tracks.

You will be brought to a page that immediately showcases other user creations on the platform.

Step 2: Click on ‘Create’ tab

Here’s where the magic happens. We’ll use basic prompts for today’s tutorial.

Step 3: Enter in a Christmas Themed Prompt

Enter something festive like “a soulful song about jingle bells.”

Step 4: Enjoy different variations until you find your favorite

Enjoy the different musical interpretations Suno offers until you find the one that resonates with you.

Step 5: Combine it with your video to make a musical Christmas E-card

Take your chosen track and pair it with your holiday e-card video for a truly festive experience.

Wrap Up:

AI music generation is a groundbreaking tool for storytelling. Though not always perfect, it provides us with near-instant, no-code creative solutions. Tune in for Day 6 of our 7 AI Holiday series as we continue to delve into the exciting world of AI and creativity!

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