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Craft The Future is thrilled to welcome you to Women’s History Month and National Script Writing Month. Our co-founders are not just leading an emerging tech education firm; they’re making history right here with expansive knowledge that meets the eye. As we kick things off, let’s shine a spotlight on our very own T9let and Contessa Louise Cooper—creative, black, talented, mothers and just powerful strong women who embody the spirit of Women’s History Month through their remarkable contributions to the tech and creative worlds.

Challenge Your Script Writing Abilities

This National Script Writing Month, we’re on a mission to unlock the potential of no-code creativity. Whether you’re drafting your debut screenplay or weaving interactive digital stories, our curated content is designed to transform your creative vision into reality effortlessly. Get ready for a month brimming with innovation, inspiration, and the tools you need to excel in the no-code era.

Last Workshop: Only 1 More to Go

Don’t let the opportunity to master sophisticated AI art creation at our ‘Exploring Advanced Features of Txt 2 Logo’ workshop pass you by. Join us on March 16th at MARN ART + CULTURE HUB and discover advanced techniques that will take your creative skills to unparalleled heights.

📅 You’re Invited!: No-Code Creatives Volume 1 📅

Join us at “Trailblazers at the Intersection: Women, AI, and No-Code Creativity” on March 28, 6-8pm at MARN ART + CULTURE HUB. Discover the fusion of technology and creativity with our esteemed panelists. Unleash your potential at this inspiring gathering. Register Now.


T9let: A visionary melding Afro-futurism and poetry, making waves with “Leevi’s Alchemy.”

Joy Daniels: A tech-savvy musician turning melodies into digital landscapes.

Megan ‘Trogs’ Troglio: An internet artist crafting “SpacePlaces” with no-code creativity.

Dr. Grace: Integrating wellness with technology, pioneering Food As Medicine initiatives.

Angela Van Dyke: From architecture to tech innovator, reshaping creativity with no-code tools.

🌟 Creative Spotlight: Donna “Renee” Lewis 🌟

Donna “Renee” Lewis’s artistic journey is a tale of passion, purpose, and persistence. From her earliest memories, Renee was drawn to the vibrancy of performing arts, finding her voice in the echoes of church halls and the community’s applause at local art centers. It wasn’t until her college years that the path of a singer, musician, and entrepreneur truly began to unfold before her.

Renee’s drive stems from a profound belief in the attainability of the seemingly impossible. This belief led her to found Genisx Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to find their purpose and flourish in a supportive creative ecosystem. As she ventured into music, her talents blossomed, transitioning from vocal melodies to the rhythmic strums of a bass guitar, showcasing her ever-evolving artistic prowess.

Renee’s story is a beacon for creatives navigating their paths, underscored by her conviction: “What seems impossible to others, is possible for me.” Her journey is not just about personal achievement; it’s an invitation to explore, create, and inspire. Follow Renee’s continuing voyage and her work with Genisx Inc. at www.genisxsocial.org, and dive into her musical world at www.donnareneemusic.com. Embrace your creativity, and lean into the support of your community, just as Renee has.

As we conclude, let the stories of T9let, Contessa Louise Cooper, and all the remarkable women featured this month serve as your call to action. Their journeys underscore the essence of crafting the future—innovating, creating, and inspiring within a community that uplifts every member. Engage in our events, embrace the possibilities of no-code creativity, and join us in making history. This is your invitation to be a part of something groundbreaking. Craft your future with us.