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As the leaves change and the cool breeze ushers in the spirit of creation, we at Craft The Future are thrilled to unveil a November packed with inspiration, learning, and community engagement. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the horizon:

📚 Celebrating National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo):

November heralds the beginning of a month-long novel writing journey. Whether you’re a seasoned author or a budding writer, NaNoWriMo is a fantastic canvas to unleash your narrative creativity. Stay tuned for writing prompts, virtual write-ins, and a platform to share your progress with the community.

🤖 Gear Up for the 7 Days of AI Challenge:

We are ecstatic to announce our upcoming campaign, the 7 Days of AI Challenge, aiming to explore the wonders of Artificial Intelligence through hands-on projects. A daily challenge to to keep you up to date with emerging tech, leading you through a journey of AI discovery. Get ready to immerse in a week of AI creativity starting December 18th .

🎥 Virtual Events Roundup:

Engage with fellow creatives and learn from experts in our array of virtual events scheduled throughout November. From webinars to interactive workshops, there’s a spectrum of topics to delve into.

Mark your calendars for

TikTok Live : Mushroom Mysticism Dice Game Tues. & Thurs. @ 11AM EST,

Virtual Networking: Kiki That Crafts Nov. 26 @ 11AM CST,


Check out the full schedule

🌟 Monthly Creator Ft.

Mommy Has A Red Day by Contessa Cooper

As the holiday season approaches, we’re thrilled to feature Contessa Louise Cooper and her children’s book, “Mommy Has A Red Day,” a meaningful story that shines a light on the daily realities of chronic illness. Crafted from Contessa’s real-life inspiration and dedication as an autism mom, this book offers a compassionate glimpse into the world of chronic pain through the eyes of a child, making it an essential read for families everywhere.

Mommy Has A Red Day” is a beacon of understanding, illuminating the complexities of chronic illness to children in a language they can grasp. With the magic of storytelling, Contessa provides a supportive guide to help young readers recognize the ‘red days’ of chronic pain and celebrate the ‘green days’ of wellbeing. This book is a cherished creation that stems from Contessa’s profound love for her children and her desire to extend a helping hand to others sharing similar experiences.

Our heartfelt goal this season is to gift “Mommy Has A Red Day” to 500 children and families grappling with the impacts of chronic illness. This crowdfund initiative is not just about distributing a book—it’s a campaign to disseminate a valuable resource that can alter a child’s outlook on chronic pain and amplify the joy of healthier moments.

Your contribution on Ko-fi extends far beyond a single book; it’s a gesture of solidarity, a way to echo Contessa’s message of resilience and empathy. Each donation helps provide a young mind the gift of understanding, offering a family the solace of shared experience and the strength found in community support.

Let’s band together to make this holiday season a time of giving, learning, and growing. Donate today on Ko-fi and become a part of a collective embrace for families navigating the journey of chronic illness. Every book you help provide is a step towards a more informed and compassionate world—one where no child or family feels alone in their struggle.

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Be part of this transformative initiative. With “Mommy Has A Red Day,” we’re not just sharing a story; we’re spreading a message of hope and understanding—one that’s especially poignant during the season of giving.

We’re looking forward to a month filled with creativity, connection, and the collective crafting of the future. Your engagement fuels the heartbeat of this community, and we can’t wait to experience the magic we’ll create together this November. Warm regards,


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